Stop Building An Audience. Start Making Twitter/X Friends.

Grow your Twitter/X by building genuine & meaningful relationships

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It is useless to have a huge audience but no interactions.

Hey, Kevon here!

During my first few months online, I was heads down focused on growing my Twitter (now X). Having a circle of people around me helped me a lot: ask questions, test ideas, get early users, promote each other, etc. The possibilities are endless on Twitter/X.

But, I've learned that the followers number is artificial. A big number means nothing. What is more important is a small group of people who are there for me.

I need X friends.

But making friends is not easy. You need to understand human psychology.

A number of people came to me for advice to best leverage X. They went on Twitter to follow a few people, posted a few tweets, and read what others have to say. And then they asked

"I don't see the value of X. What is the hype all about?"

If you have the same question, then this email course is for you. You've mistaken the winning formula about Twitter/X. To make the most out of it, you need to work on building relationships and leveling up your online interactions with people. This is how you can get >100 likes for a tweet.

Behind this course

This email course is part of my mission to advocate for Authentic Audience Building

My name is Kevon Cheung (@MeetKevon). I'm a venture-backed startup founder turned indie builder. I got tired of chasing after money and growth for the wrong reasons, and now I use my voice and writing to get people to embrace authenticity. I'm the author of the #BuildingInPublic Guide and the Twitter/X book, Find Joy in Chaos. I also run Public Lab and Build in Public Mastery.
Ever since the transition, I've learned a ton about "growing an audience" and I know there is a lot more behind these 3 words. This is why I'm here sharing my knowledge to help you understand the most powerful part of the Internet - the people.

Why trust Kevon?

I started actively using Twitter in Nov 2020 and making friends has been my key activity.

What's there?

In this 5-day course, you'll learn how to:

1) Discover your positioning & create a killer profile

2) Create a circle around you with the right people

3) Build genuine relationships using human psychology

4) Write awesome tweets to elevate your social presence

5) Make yourself relevant for a long time beyond this course

The program:

- Includes 1 email a day

-Features real-life examples from real people on Twitter/X

-Gives you actionable steps each day (approx. 30-60 mins per day)

-Is an interactive email course (make friends with Kevon and chat anytime)

Making Twitter/X Friends

Created by @MeetKevon

An email course to grow your Twitter/X through understanding human psychology and building genuine & meaningful relationships.

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